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7 Old Sports Betting Misconceptions That Still Prevail Today

Sports betting itself is a tradition that spans throughout several centuries and as such, it has developed its own popular wisdom along its evolution. Evolution though is the word of the day, because this form of betting has transcended from what used to be an illicit activity in the past to socially accepted mainstream entertainment. As the number of bettors is growing each day, the activity is beginning to receive more and more attention from the journalists and even has its very own specialized media. In the light of these facts, it is clear that the ancient principles are no longer applicable to sports gambling, both online and offline. Let’s try to debunk a few of time-honored clichés.

1. It’s wrong to gamble on sports

The sheer fact that sports gambling is so mainstream nowadays and the numerous online betting parlors available across the globe should be sufficient to prove that the stigma on this “occupation” – be it for profit or as hobby – is completely unjustified. Perhaps it is finally time to renounce some of our puritanical conceptions and naturally, sports gambling is a good place to start.

2. Betting ends when the game commences

True, that used to be accurate in the past, but nowadays a new trend is emerging: in game lines. While only a few parlors are currently offering you this possibility, soon we will be able to approach betting in a similar manner to stock market and decide the wages according to the progress of the game.

3. You should only wage money on games in the NFL

The unmatched popularity of the NFL might make it seem like the only lucrative betting place, but the truth is that college football and basketball are also an excellent source of cash if you know a thing or two about them.

4. Luck is the only critical component

Statistically speaking, the outcomes of the game are more often than not very similar to the lines because the lines are calculated with a wide variety of factors in mind. To put it simply, if your bet is within the limits established by the lines, then your chances of winning are mathematically higher.

5. Only a punter would bet on teasers

Teasers and cumulative bets are definitely much more difficult to win, as the odds are generally stacked against you in these situations. However, there are several viable strategies to cash in from them at this point and they should not always be ignored by default

6. You always need to know all the details before placing the wager

It definitely helps learning everything you need to know about the rival teams before betting on the game, but not if you have to wait until the last moment when the lines are already drawn. Early betting is generally able to provide the best value for the wager.

7. All volume bettors are gambling addicts

Without denying the fact that some people are placing wagers due to a serious addiction – gambling problems should not be overlooked or easily discarded – professional bettors earn cash from volume rather than value. Assuming that in the best-case scenario you win approximately 55 percent of all wagers, the only way to actually turn a profit is actually to bet more.

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