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7 Instrumental Tips For Profitable Football Betting

Only a few people can really say that finding a way to become rich in an instant and putting aside all their financial issues for the rest of their lives doesn’t sound appealing. Generating quick and easy money is, in all honesty, a dream that can rarely be achieved, as Lady Luck is not known for dishing out immense rewards very often.

While you may have heard stories about people winning several millions of dollars over night from a randomly placed bet or the lottery, the scarcity of such cases makes it a bad idea to gamble away your hard earned cash without an effective strategy. To put it simply, unless you approach football betting in the same manner as an investment venture, you have a snowball’s chance in hell to actually earn a profit. Let’s elaborate.

1. Establish your earning target beforehand

Every good businessman knows that without establishing an expected profit over a predefined period it is virtually impossible to know whether the strategy is effective or not. The same concept is applicable for betting, in the sense that you need to determine in advance what you are shooting for. Since every person has a different idea about a comfortable income, so pick the one closest to yours.

2. Utilize the SMART method to determine your goals

SMART is a widely utilized acronym and it stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed. In football gambling, like in the business world, there are no shortcuts to easy profits – at least not in the long run – this means that your approach has to be methodical and scientific in order to earn you a decent profit. As previously mentioned, without establishing clear goals – with the SMART approach – you have no perspective on whether the strategy is effective.

3. Have/acquire sufficient starting funds

The starting capital is another critical component in gambling and it should ALWAYS be separate from the household budget. The initial gambling funds are necessary for starting at least one account with the main betting exchangers as well as for placing several bets with no less than 15 bookmakers. You can also make good use of the bonuses provided by the bookmakers, which usually consist of free betting sessions.

4. Educate yourself on the principles and categories of bets

For example, if you cannot differentiate lay bets from back bets, then you cannot realistically hope to earn cash from gambling. There is always something new to learn about the world of betting and the subtleties are mainly gathered from experience, but every football gambler should be knowledgeable of the basics before placing his very first bet.

5. League betting trumps cup match betting, always!

The volatility of cup matches makes betting on them very risky, as you will always come across radical turns of events. On the other hand, league betting is somewhat more predictable based on the statistics of the teams, which confers gamblers that much-needed edge against the bookmakers.

6. Discipline and patience are paramount in betting

The importance of realizing that there is no shortcut to getting rich from football gambling cannot be stressed enough. In order to secure constant and, more important, consistent incomes from this activity you must refrain from taking the dangerous road with high payoffs and stick to the bets on events that can be statistically predicted with a high degree of certainty. Moreover, you should discipline yourself to follow all related football news, as they provide an invaluable source of clues regarding your next bets.

7. Gamble exclusively with a clear head

Lastly, NEVER EVER place a bet when you’ve had a few too many beers, as that “gut feeling” you’re getting is mostly the alcohol talking. The same goes for bets you want to place after coming home from a hard day at work, when all you want to do is sleep. Under these conditions, it is impossible to calculate the odds of winning correctly. Gambling is an activity best reserved for your prime hours.


A successful bettor knows that the key to winning consists of a combination of knowledge, clearly defined income goals, sufficient income to continue playing even when certain bets did not turn a profit and finally, monumental patience in the absence of frequent gratification (winning). If you consider that you possess these key traits, then and only then should you take up football betting seriously.

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  • thank you so much.powerful one. in fact you can be actually multimillionaire through football betting. I’m from Africa but I want to do online betting by opening accounts in bets like bet365 and William Hill but I’m afraid because I have heard a lot of people complaining that they were robbed of their winnings or their bets have been cancelled. so I need some advice because I want to open accounts in at least 20 bets. what must I do?

  • I believe your insight and well researched knowledge on betting will help me go a long way as far as betting is concerned. Thank you so much for sharing generously on this issue

  • emerhana emmanuel

    What you publish here are the key guide to winning regularly. These wisdom will continue to work wonders. I’m printing the hard copy right a way. Thanks.

    The best football market by statistics is 0.5 goal and 1,5 goals and it should be 4 folds.

  • Kumar Ajatshatru

    Add one from my side. Always play each bet by same stake and in under 19 match always play over 2.5 goals everytime.

    • Thanks for the guidance


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